Leading Manufacturer of High Silica Fabrics
& Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabrics in China

With 15 years of experience in the industries of thermal insulation and heat protection, Mowco now focus in manufacturing and supplying silica fabrics, due to the demand increase for high temperature textiles with the growth of industries in developing countries, energy conservation and environment protection becomes more and more important. Our silica fabrics get able to provide good solution to thermal or heat energy conservation and reliable protection for facilities from high temperature, sparks or fire hazards during hot work processing that involves shipbuilding, gas and oil refineries, heavy-duty machinery industry, nuclear equipments, electrical cable, and thermal ablation material for aerospace, etc..

Mowco silica fabrics are sorted in two levels as needed by users from different industries according to their requirements for temperature grade: High silica fabrics and Industrial silica fabrics.

And we also have the capability to coat or impregnate our silica fabrics and fiber glass fabrics for applications where require heat protection with good durability and resistance to vapor, weather, chemicals and abrasion, or applications where require smoke or dust control.

Our major coated product is silicone coated fiber glass fabrics that performs excellent on heat resistance, weatherproof, vapor proof, and chemical resistance to acid, alkali, and also good flexibility with abrasion resistance. Our silicone coated fiber glass fabrics are used directly or fabricated into removable or reusable insulation jackets and pads, expansion joints, welding curtains, welding blankets, furnace curtains, noise control barriers, weather-proof or mosture-proof covers, firefighting apparel, etc, involved in petrochemical, welding, aluminum, transportation, personal protective and various.