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High Silica Texturized Fabrics

High Silica texturized fabrics are plain woven from texturized yarns with a content of 94% silica fibers or more, that ensures its continuous operating temperature of 1832°F ( 1000°C ), and due to its special texturized yarn structure, the high silica texturized fabrics perform excellent thermal insulation function

High Silica Texturized Fabrics

With the following properties –

  • High temperature resistant;
  • Low thermal conductivity with excellect thermal insulation;
  • Good electric insulation;
  • Corrosion resistant to most of chemical reagents.
High Silica Texturized Cloth

High silica texturized fabrics are generally used for protection and thermal insulation of heavy machinery manufacturing industry, shipbuilding, turbine, metallurgy and casting, nuclear, electrical cable, etc..


Product Code Weave
SiO2 content
Service Temperature
M600-HGT 600+/-30 100+/-1 0.8+/-0.05 >94 1000
M900-HGT 880+/-40 100+/-1 1.2+/-0.05 >94 1000
M1200-HGT 1200+/-50 100+/-1 1.6+/-0.1 >94 1000
M1500-HGT 1500+/-100 100+/-1 2.0+/-0.1 >94 1000