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Stainless Steel D Rings

MOWCO stainless steel D rings are used a lot in heat insulation fabrications, welding blankets, furnace curtains, fire blankets.

D ring, is one of small accessories used in thermal insulation engineering, customers generally used with high temperature textiles together.

Stainless Steel D Rings

D ring material type:

304 stainless steel, galvanized steel and nickel plated steel are all available, we strongly recommend to choose 304 stainless steel in thermal insulation.

Standard spec. of D rings:

Stainless Steel D Rings

Style Number Size A B C
mm mm mm mm
MC901 3x25 3 25 22
4x25 4 25 22
4x30 4 30 27
5x30 5 30 27
5x40 5 40 37
6x40 6 40 37
6x50 6 50 47
8x40 8 40 37
8x50 8 50 47

Other spec is available upon requirement.

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