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Stainless Steel Rectangular Rings

Same as D ring, rectangular ring is one of small accessories used in thermal insulation engineering.

MOWCO rectangular rings are used in heat insulation fabrications, welding blankets, furnace curtains, fire blankets

Stainless Steel Rectangular Rings

Rectangular ring material type:

304 stainless steel, galvanized steel and nickel plated steel are all available, we strongly recommend to choose 304 stainless steel in thermal insulation.

Standard spec. of rectangular ring:

Stainless Steel D Rings

Style Number Size A B C
mm x inch mm inch inch
MC902 3x1 3 0.5 1
3x1.5 3 0.5 1.5
3x2 3 0.5 2
4x1 4 1 1
4x1.5 4 1 1.5
4x2 4 1 2
5x2 5 2 2
5x2.5 5 2 2.5
5x3 5 2 3

Other spec is available upon requirement.

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